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Switchboard number:  45 26 88 00
Directnumber Trondheim:  73 49 17 77

Eurodent in Trondheim, Oslo, Bergen, Alta and Budapest

Eurodent has dental clinics in five cities: Trondheim,  OsloBergen  and  Alta  in Norway as well as  Budapest in Hungary .
During our ten years in business we have helped more than thirty thousand customers with their dental problems. We have an international team of highly educated and experienced dentists and specialists who are ready to take good care of you and your teeth.

If you need comprehensive dental care, we can provide a solution for you to save thousands of kronor by going to our clinic in Budapest. We are able to complete your treatment there at a much lower cost. Our dentists are equally educated and experienced in both countries, and have treated thousands of patients from all over Europe.

All kinds of dental care

Eurodent can provide all kinds of dental care for you and your family, whether you have a cavity, need to extract a wisdom tooth, or if you need to replace missing teeth.

Our dentists perform:

  • Regular filling; if you have a cavity in one tooth
  • Root canal filling; a way to keep a tooth that is damaged down to the root
  • Extraction / pulling of teeth; we also perform complicated extraction where surgery is needed
  • All kinds of techniques to replace missing teeth; single and multiple porcelain crown in a bridge, or implants, as well as full dental prostheses
  • Dental cleaning; to prevent the development of caries and remove plaque
  • Braces; straighten your teeth with the most up to date techniques
  • Teeth whitening; if you want a whiter and brighter smile
  • Tooth jewelry; if you want to decorate your smile with extra sparkle

Refund of dental treatment

In some cases the Norwegian health care system will offer a refund for part of the cost of your dental care ( Helfo-refusjon ). Two examples eligible for a refund would be the removal of wisdom teeth and also with some other forms of dental damage. Our skilful dentists can answer all the questions you might have about this. If you are entitled to a refund we will take care of all the paperwork for you and send it to the refund office.


If you are in need of funding, we will help you apply for this. Our cooperating agencies will normally answer your application within two to three hours.

Find us here:

Trondheim, Innherredsgata 2C
Oslo, Akersgata 16
Bergen, Strandgaten 6
Alta, Amfi Alta, Markedsgata 21
Budapest, Fő u. 52

Switchboard number:  45 26 88 00

For more information about our treatments, please visit our English website.

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